Slowmango blend influences from across the globe into a sweet and savoury buffet of international groove, invoking moments of compulsive danceability and upbeat celebration, without forgetting Sunday mornings and afternoon drives. With far reaching influences gathered from across the global landscape, Slowmango are known for their loose-knit progressive arrangements which blend elements of early art and progressive rock with African, Latin, and Arabic stylings - with a healthy dose of experimentation in the mix.
Often collaborating with sister arts collective The Bait Fridge, Slowmango have become well known for blurring the borders between music and visual art - creating wildly original and highly immersive live shows and packing out dancefloors at Dark MOFO, The Lab and Darwin Festival in 2021.

To date Slowmango have released a 3-track EP in 2019 and a follow up single ‘Paradise International’ in 2021, with a full-length album slated for a mid-2023 release. In 2021 they hosted a sold-out seven show residency at Adelaide’s state-of-the-art venue The Lab with sister arts collective The Bait Fridge, creating boundary pushing performances and immersive experiences which incorporated elaborate costumes, hyper-colourful projections, and spontaneous multi-arts performances.

In mid-2022 Slowmango spent 10 glorious days in a seaside shack which they converted into a music studio and recorded their debut album. Featuring a range of instruments and inspirations, the album showcases the band’s diverse influences and hard work since emerging in 2019 and will be released to the world in late-2022.

by Liam Jacksonby Emmaline Zanelliby Jack Fenby